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2016 New Years Card

A New Year is upon us again, bringing with it the opportunity to start fresh with a new outlook on our health. Whether we want to complete our first 5K or lose 50 pounds, a commitment to ourselves should be a top priority in 2016.

These changes do not need to be drastic, including extreme dieting and excessive exercise with an overall burnout by February 1st. That cycle only leaves us discouraged and unsure how to proceed for the remainder of the year. Instead, finding ways to fit in a few extra steps or cut a couple extra calories will lead us to a much happier and healthier place at the end of next year.

By December most of us are completely run down as our primary focus is on kids, jobs, bills, a significant other and maybe even a pet or two. This leaves little time to consider our own health; for by the time we have a chance to catch our breath the day is already gone.

Losing weight is an uphill battle that can be long and miserable, but this doesn’t have to be the case. We are all a work in progress, striving to better ourselves each and every day, and by having a support system we can go further in overcoming our greatest obstacles.

Below you will find a successful and inspiring weight loss story that we hope many will find relatable and relevant as we count down the last few days of 2015.


Michelle R. 5/11/2015 152 pounds

The journey of weight loss was not an easy one for Michelle R. Just before her 53rd birthday, an appointment with her doctor put her health into perspective. At just 5 feet tall Michelle weighed 152 pounds, placing her at the edge of the obese category.

Despite being active in sports and exercise, Michelle’s weight was slowly creeping upwards while junk food filled her day and fast food became her dinner. Her favorite coffee stands were getting out of hand as her drinks became higher in cost and even higher in calories.

With her family behind her, Michelle began her journey to a healthier lifestyle with great determination to reach her goals. This began with a complete makeover of her daily foods. Chocolate chip cookies no longer made the cut while fresh veggies and lean proteins hit the top of her list.

Working with Karrie Thomson on the ITG Diet, Michelle lost 42 pounds and 44 total inches over the course of 5 months.


Michelle R. 10/5/2015 110 pounds


42 Pounds & 44 Total Inches

Together they found appropriate portion sizes and a variety of foods to build an adequate plan fit just for Michelle’s health goals. With weekly weigh-ins and a food journal Michelle’s targets were kept in the front of her mind, and Karrie’s advice and encouragement kept her moving forward.

Today Michelle maintains a healthy weight, enjoying the occasional indulgences while continuing to focus on her portion sizes and eating whole foods.

“Thank you so much for all the support, I GOT ME BACK!” -Michelle

Making drastic changes at any age is never easy, but at 53 years old it takes a lot of determination and support. Congratulations Michelle on reaching your goals and inspiring others to begin their own journey!

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By: Mercedes Montoya, NASM-CPT

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