“I cannot believe I was carrying all that weight around!” Spokane’s ITG Diet

Meet Candy M: In just nine weeks she exceeded her weight loss goal and has lost over 20 pounds!

Before starting the ITG Diet Program with coach Karrie Thomson, Candy went for quick and simple foods. This often meant fast food, a bowl of cereal or an old school PB&J.


Before starting the ITG Diet


The ITG Diet was a good fit for her because it was so simple and she liked the taste of the foods. By having all of her breakfasts, lunches and snacks provided; Candy was able to focus on making healthy dinners in the evenings. This meant still having dinner with her family and it took the guess work out of all the other meals.

Candy says this program has changed the way she thinks about food. Instead of a Dairy Queen sundae she will make herself a coffee with sugar-free syrup and finds that she is just as satisfied all while knowing that she is making the better choice for herself.


“I can’t believe I was carrying all that weight around, no wonder I hurt all the time!”


Thank you for sharing your journey with us and congratulations Candy!

For more information on the ITG Diet or Coach Karrie Thomson please follow the links.

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“I cannot believe I was carrying all that weight around!” Spokane’s ITG Diet

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