Dry Eye Relief–Spokane, WA

The Most Unique Treatment your Eye Doctor has to Offer

Dry, scratchy, irritated eyes whether a disease state, allergies or surgery are to blame; this chronic condition is undeniably miserable. Those who suffer from dry eyes are familiar with the common treatment plans that include artificial eye drops, Restasis, punctual plugs, steroids or a combination of these. While not a new treatment option, Autologous Serum Tear eye drops are likely the most unique product your eye doctor has to offer.

The given name is quite straight forward. Autologous Serum Tears are eye drops that are made from one’s own blood serum. Serum is an amber-colored, protein-rich liquid that separates from the blood cells once blood coagulates. It contains growth factors, vitamins, and antibodies and once prepared it mimics the tears that are naturally produced by our bodies.

After blood is drawn, it is taken to the lab and spun in a centrifuge to separate the serum from the blood cells. Inside a sterile room the serum is then removed from the vial and diluted with saline to a ratio that more closely matches our natural tears. Since no preservatives are added to the solution, it must be kept cool until use.

As unusual as all of this sounds, by knowing the properties of our body’s serum it should not come as a surprise that Serum Tear Eye Drops work the way they do.

  • Like our own natural tears, our body’s serum has a neutral pH of 7 which provides moisturizing relief without any stinging or burning.
  • The same naturally occurring nutrients and growth factors found in our tears are also in our serum. These nutrients play an essential role in maintaining good eye health.
  • Since the solution is made from an individual’s own serum, they are by nature hypoallergenic which limits the likelihood of an adverse reaction.
  • Without having to add anything other than the saline, this treatment option is natural and contains no added preservatives.

Serum Tears have been used to relieve eye irritation and help aid the healing process following LASIK/PRK surgeries, for Chronic Dry Eye, Corneal Thinning, Ocular Shingles, Neurotropic Keratopathy and various other conditions that are unresponsive to traditional treatment methods.

If you think Autologous Serum Tear Eye Drops may be the right treatment for you, contact your eye care specialist.

-Mercedes Montoya, CPT

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Dry Eye Relief–Spokane, WA

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