Reliant LifeWorks – a Specialty Pharmacy and Wellness Clinic

Reliant LifeWorks is a progressive specialty pharmacy and wellness clinic providing custom compounds and preventative health services for the entire family.

Our team of providers combine natural and traditional treatment plans to guide patients towards a lifestyle that supports their overall health.

In today’s rushed healthcare market, many health problems are solved with a one-size-fits-all approach that fails to take into consideration the variance between each patient’s wants and needs. 

Reliant LifeWorks is a team of healthcare providers who believe in finding the best solutions for our community’s health by offering personalized services and products made from the highest quality ingredients in order to offer the most positive outcome for specific health issues.

By using custom compounded prescriptions, our highly educated staff is able to tailor plans to each individual’s health needs and assist them in optimizing their health. By focusing on preventative care, our providers strive to emphasize positive habits that will grow into a lifetime of good health.

Reliant LifeWorks partners with individuals as well as physicians, optometrists and veterinarians who seek our customizable treatments and preventative services in the hope of achieving a healthier local community.

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“I am so impressed by the way Reliant LifeWorks collaborates with my healthcare provider and keeps my doctor informed every step of the way.”

—Linda, Spokane, WA