Reliant LifeWorks – a Specialty Pharmacy and Wellness Clinic

We are Reliant LifeWorks – a Specialty Pharmacy and Wellness Clinic – a team comprised of healthcare professionals dedicated to providing personalized, collaborative, and customized clinical expertise.  We team with your other healthcare providers to integrate traditional and natural healthcare solutions to enhance your overall health and well-being.

Our professional staff includes eleven Clinical Pharmacists and a Registered Dietician – all who have a wealth of experience and expertise.  As Pharmacists we dispense traditional medications, but also have the advanced credentials and experience to custom compound the medications that may be uniquely right for you.   Patients have ready access to consult with our Pharmacists about their important issues such as alternative therapies for pain control, taking correct and appropriate supplements in conjunction with other medications, weight loss programs, and custom hormone therapies.  Group travelers have ready access to our Pharmacists for travel vaccinations and immunizations – we’re happy to come to you!

At Reliant LifeWorks, patients can now readily receive the healthcare solutions that offer the best outcomes for their specific health issues – whether they are traditional healthcare solutions, natural healthcare solutions, or a personalized combination of traditional and natural solutions.  But most importantly:  we are passionate about serving patients with respect, compassion, and our expertise to enhance your overall health and well-being.

“I am so impressed by the way Reliant LifeWorks collaborates with my healthcare provider and keeps my Doctor informed every step of the way.”

—Linda, Spokane, WA